• Online Shopping to Argentina

    Posted : Tuesday, January 28 th, 2014 · Comments : 0
    Due to a fall in foreign reserves, Argentina has placed very strict import restrictions against online shopping and the importing of items into Argentina. The following information is a guide only, we will be sending further updates regarding any items that are exempt, however, if you do import into Argentina please ensure you are fully
  • AFM enters new ecommerce partnership with YourBuggyshop.com

    Posted : Tuesday, January 21 st, 2014 · Comments : 0
    AFM announces the formation of the first of several planned strategic partnerships. The partnerships involve forming joint ventures with new and existing companies to bring new brands to the UK.  As part of the arrangement AFM introduces funding and takes an equity state in the partner company.  The joint venture then has access to AFM’s
  • Four reasons to start using a fulfilment company

    Posted : Tuesday, February 12 th, 2013 · Comments : 135
    Accounting, purchasing, marketing, and operations are all areas that online and multi-channel merchants must manage. Fortunately there is a growing class of service companies that allows sellers to outsource product receiving, inventorying, packing, and shipping. Fulfillment services act like a retailer’s warehouse and shipping operations, checking in products when they arrive from manufacturers or distributors;
  • Record Breaking Perfomance in December

    Posted : Friday, January 04 th, 2013 · Comments : 0
    December was a record breaking month for AFM: 25,000 orders processed, 95,000 items picked and packed with only 10 reported errors.  That’s a 99.96% accuracy! A big thank you to our fantastic team for all their efforts over December and lets make 2013 even better than 2012!
  • Denmark Post Issues

    Posted : Monday, December 17 th, 2012 · Comments : 0
    Very bad weather caused massive delays in the delivery of mail in Denmark on Saturday 15th December. Several central roads were closed due to icing in Jutland all day, and the police advised against all unnecessary exits in both North Jutland (zip code 9000-9999) and on the island of Bornholm (zip code 3700-3799) – delaying