Online Shopping to Argentina

Due to a fall in foreign reserves, Argentina has placed very strict import restrictions against online shopping and the importing of items into Argentina.

The following information is a guide only, we will be sending further updates regarding any items that are exempt, however, if you do import into Argentina please ensure you are fully up to date with the new restrictions. Anyone buying items through international websites will now need to sign a declaration which will need to be produced at the Customs Office at the same time as collecting the package, sites such as Amazon and Ebay will no longer be able to deliver to residential addresses – all parcels must be collected at the Customs Office. This procedure will be repeated for every new purchase.

Tax free amount is $25 (£15), limited to two tax free purchases each year from international websites. 50% tax will be applied to all items over $25. On top of this tax, in 2011, they also introduced a 35% tariff against online credit card purchases through international sites.

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