Case Study Two – Ecommerce Platform



The client is a fast growing Ecommerce platform who was looking to take their first steps outside the North American market.  They wanted to establish a distribution solution to allow their merchants to sell cost-effectively into the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA).  Moreover, they needed a partner who could work with them to handledeal with the complexities of dealing with customs and EU regulations for multitudes of different products from many different merchants.


  • Substantial storage capacity
  • Ability to handle a vast numbers of products SKUs
  • Same day processing thousands of orders per day with flawless performance
  • Ability to offer extensive systems integration
  • Ability to react quickly to changes in their operational requirements.

AFM Solution

AFM carried out substantial development to our system to meet the integration requirements of the client.  This integration facilitates seamless communication and allows:

  • Deliveries to be pre notified with SKU, descriptions, expected quantities etc
  • Automated processing of orders
  • Automated allocation of shipping methods, packaging standards etc
  • The ability to capture serial numbers
  • The ability to process and pack orders by master carton, inner carton or individual unit to save cost
  • Automated reporting covering shipments, tracking numbers, stock levels, deliveries, returns etc

AFM underpinned these operational services with a whole spectrum of ad-hoc support services geared to help the client develop their European business.  These services encompass

  • Payment of duties
  • Advice on VAT
  • Customs clearance
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Advice on product specific European regulations and legislation
  • Sourcing packaging materials
  • Developing merchant specific solutions to meet their individual requirements

Working with AFM, the client has grown their operation from a few SKUs products to over 12,000 and from a handful of orders per week to many thousand.  This is but one example of how we work together with every client, from Together we work with sole traders to major international brands. and are looking forword to extending the partnership further.