Pick and Pack

Picking and Packing is a key discipline in the fulfilment of orders and one which would, on the face of it, seem to be a simple process. However, successful picking and packing can only be achieved on the back on a number of inter-related disciplines:

Inventory Control

This is the bedrock on which the process is built. Orders can only be picked and packed if the stock levels are correct and stock locations are accurate. Moreover, these details must not just be correct against our warehouse management systems, but must be synchronised with that of our clients.

This high level of data accuracy is achieved by AFM’s rigorous operational processes covering all aspects of our warehouse and especially in relation to the key activities of:

  • Goods In
  • Order Returns
  • Internal stock movements
  • Internal and client reporting


It may seem obvious, but successful picking and packing can only be achieved if the correct items are picked and packed. To ensure error free fulfilment, AFM utilises the latest bar-code technology. The scanning process compares the bar-codes of the picked items with those required to fulfil the order and in so doing identifies whether it has been picked correctly. Should any picking errors be found, the system will identify the problem and will not allow the order to progress until it has been resolved.

Attention to detail

AFM understands the importance of brand presentation. Orders must be shipped in a way which will both ensure safe arrival of the goods and will promote the core values of your brand. All our parcels are presented in new environmentally sourced cardboard cartons packed and labelled to a uniform standard. You only get one opportunity to make that first impression and AFM makes sure it counts every time.

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