Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Services


Handling your own ecommerce order fulfilment is costly, requiring the commitment of space, personnel, management time and money.  Strategic use of order fulfilment outsourcing can provide a cost-effective and flexible solution without adding to company overhead. Moreover, by releasing valuable in-house resources, it can help to capitalise your organisational strengths and the achievement of your business goals.

Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Service

The success or failure of such outsourcing will hang on the speed and accuracy of the fulfilment service used.  AFM understands the significance of an error free ecommerce order fulfilment service and has built an highly effective solution based on three simple concepts:

Electronic Receipt of Data

Electronic receipt of data both speeds the processing of orders and completely eliminates the risk of error resulting from manual input.  Depending on your requirements, AFM can receive order data in a range of formats including XML, CSV and TXT.

Moreover, where orders have to be processed manually they are always double-checked by a supervisor prior to being passed for picking.

fulfilment service

Barcode Verification

Wherever possible, orders are barcode scanned prior to packing.  The scanning process compares the bar-codes of the picked items with those required to fulfil the order and in so doing identifies whether it has been picked correctly.  Should any picking errors be found, the system will identify the problem and will not allow the order to progress until it has been resolved and the order re-scanned correctly.
This approach is incredibly accurate and results in a better than 99.95% performance.

Packing and Despatch

Without question, the customer experience begins the moment they receive your parcel.   Orders must be packed in a fashion which will not just ensure their safe delivery, but will promote your brand identity.  By ensuring that all our orders are packaged in a uniform fashion using new sustainably sourced cardboard cartons, you can be sure AFM will make that first impression count.

Regardless of whether you are a large scale ecommerce site or an ebay trader, AFM will be able to offer you the right solution for your ecommerce needs.