• Hurricane Sandy Update – Port of New York and New Jersey remains closed

    Posted : Friday, November 02 nd, 2012 · Comments : 0
    This is an update from New York Port authority following Hurrican Sandy…. “Port Authority staff have assessed the damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The current status is as follows: No electrical power and no time frame for repair Channels closed Roads covered with debris and traffic signals out of service Rail track has
  • International Holidays in October

    Posted : Monday, September 24 th, 2012 · Comments : 0
    Please note the following International holidays in October: Australia – 8th, Austria – 26th, Canada – 8th, Germany – 3rd, Israel – 17th, 18th and 26th and USA – 3rd.  
  • New website!

    Posted : Monday, July 23 rd, 2012 · Comments : 0
      Welcome to our new website! We’d love to hear what you think – email us at info@afm.ltd.uk. Thanks!