• How to export goods to the EU

    Posted : Wednesday, August 20 th, 2014 · Comments : 0
    If you want to export goods to the EU, whether from the USA, Canada, Australia or Asia, there are a number of import rules you need to be aware of. At AFM we’ve been warehousing, picking, packing and distributing products for a wide range of companies for years so we’ve developed expertise in these areas
  • The Formula for Successful Product Distribution

    Posted : Wednesday, July 02 nd, 2014 · Comments : 0
    – AFM Order Fulfilment When running an e-commerce business there are so many things that you need to be focused on and choosing the best shipping option to ensure successful product distribution, can often feel like a bit of a minefield. Should I organize the export and delivery of my e-commerce products myself? Yes, why
  • Three Top Tips for Customer Service in E-commerce

    Posted : Monday, June 30 th, 2014 · Comments : 0
    Our Three Top Tips for Customer Service in E-commerce First and foremost sort the problem out rather than worry who was at fault. The main priority here is to keep the customer happy and keep on learning about how you can improve your service. Never focus on blame always focus on resolution. Partner with your
  • Three top tips for distribution for e-commerce companies

    Posted : Tuesday, May 27 th, 2014 · Comments : 0
    1 Don’t use a fulfilment house too soon. It could drain your cash flow. Establish your business and get in touch with us once the business is up and running and you have a firm understanding of your order volumes and profiles. We are happy to help you and talk you through the process step
  • We have a 99.97% order fulfilment accuracy rate

    Posted : Friday, May 23 rd, 2014 · Comments : 0
    At AFM we distribute 25,000 orders and some 100,000 plus products per month with a better than 99.97% accuracy rate. Excellent order fulfilment is critical in how your brand is perceived in your marketplace. Ask any customer who has had a bad experience with their order fulfilment and they’ll tell you it really leaves a