Why Should I Use a UK based Order Fulfilment Company?

AFM order fulfilment servicesEver wondered if you might benefit from using a UK based order fulfilment company? Needless to say, managing a business can prove to be very time consuming. So why not allow yourself the room to grow your company or to focus on other key business concerns by delegating some of the work to an order fulfilment company such as AFM? AFM is an established storage and UK based order fulfilment company, providing e-commerce fulfilment services for businesses supplying to the UK and Europe – perfect for businesses currently exporting from the USA and Asia. Established now for over fourteen years, AFM has an unrivalled level of experience and expertise in the order fulfilment industry – built on the experience of many thousands of satisfied customers.

Shipping e-commerce products from USA or Asia to UK or Europe?

Once a business based in the USA or Asia starts selling over a certain value or volume of product via their website, the most cost effective, easy and reliable way to ensure that the products are delivered safely and quickly in the UK or Europe is to engage a UK based order fulfilment company. So what can we offer your business? Storage – we have the resources to store items of all shapes and sizes, for long-term as well as short-term purposes. We provide order fulfilment services tailored to ensure your products, materials and equipment are stored, drawn-down and delivered where and when they are needed. Order Fulfilment – To completely eliminate the risk of error and to speed up the ordering process, we offer electronic receipts of data in a range of different formats depending on your requirements. Pick and Pack – We provide a pick and pack service with better than a 99.9% accuracy. All orders are barcode scanned prior to packing to ensure that any errors that could occur are quickly identified, resolved and rescanned correctly. All of our orders are packaged in a uniform fashion, using only sustainably sourced cardboard that not only ensures its safe delivery but will also effectively promote your brand identity. Distribution – we offer both cost effective domestic and international distribution services, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your parcels will be delivered safely and on time, every time.

A UK based Order Fulfilment company that provides Control and Flexibility

We understand the importance of an error free, cost effective and flexible e-commerce fulfilment service that provides business owners with the quality time to expand, grow and to focus on core company matters. We also know how important it is that you retain control over your customer service – and our web portal enables you to do exactly that.

Expert Customer Service

AFM is the premier UK based order fulfilment company we pride ourselves on delivering expert customer service from the order, to the packing, and finally through to the distribution – we’ll be sure to make that first impression count. For more information on how we can help to support you with the ongoing development of your business, visit our website on www.afm.ltd.uk or contact us on 0845 450 7500.

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