We have a 99.97% order fulfilment accuracy rate

warehouse for order fulfilmentAt AFM we distribute 25,000 orders and some 100,000 plus products per month with a better than 99.97% accuracy rate.

Excellent order fulfilment is critical in how your brand is perceived in your marketplace. Ask any customer who has had a bad experience with their order fulfilment and they’ll tell you it really leaves a sense of disappointment.

A friend of mine had recently ordered some promotional items for an event and the shipping company sent it to the wrong address not once – but twice, leaving her with 4,000 stress balls stuck in the city library loading bay next door to her office! She was not the most popular person with the librarians, she was late for the event and had a terrible time getting the lightweight but large stock to the right place. She now jokes that the stress balls caused far more stress than they could have ever relieved!

At AFM we don’t get delivery address wrong and we don’t leave your customers out on a limb. Our 99.97% accuracy rate is something that we are really proud of. We care about your brand and we know that in letting us fulfil your orders and dispatch your goods, on your behalf, we are representing your brand in everything we do. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

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