Stock Management


Accurate stock management is important not just in avoiding lost revenue from sales which cannot be fulfilled, but in making sure that capital is not needlessly tied-up in holding stock.

Our warehouse management system (WMS) has the solution.  It is at the heart of our operation, controlling every aspect from the receipt of goods to their dispatch.  However, this is only half of the story.  The integrity of the information held on the system will only be maintained if it is underpinned by physically robust warehouse management and operational procedures.

Key amongst these are:


Product stock levels can only be accurately maintained if they are correctly recorded at the outset. Without question, it is the cornerstone of the stock management process and as such cannot be ignored.  AFM understands the importance of receiving and has established a set of operational practices to ensure that deliveries are received correctly without fail.


Controlling the movement of stock in the warehouse is a crucial function.  AFM uses barcode technology to track, monitor and transfer stock between storage locations.  Not only is it an incredibly accurate solution for ensuring stock is correctly located but it also allows us to generate a complete history for each product as it passes through our warehouse.


Returns management is final piece in the stock management jig-saw.  Returns must be quickly processed so the credits can be issued and undamaged inventory made available for resale.  AFM processes all such returns into stock against the original order number and in so doing establishes an audit trail to keep our clients fully in control of the process.

Please contact us for more information on stock management services and how they can help you control and minimise your stock holdings.