Case Study One – US based Music Publisher



The client is a highly successful American music publisher who was looking to expand their operations into Europe.  They had already established a European sales office, but were finding it difficult and costly to fulfil European orders from their US facilities.  The logical step was to retain a UK fulfilment centre and approached AFM with the opportunity.


  • Storage for some 5000 plus publications
  • Tight stock control to limit the storage commitment for each title
  • Capability to process orders from a single product to several hundred different products each day
  • Secure EU distribution

AFM Solution

By working closely with the client, AFM was able to create a solution to meet and exceed their expectations.  The solution delivers highly accurate picking and packing services allied with tight stock holding procedures and detailed reporting.  This gives the client the confidence to replenish their stock on a just-in-time basis and therefore minimise the stock holding without risking lost sales.

In addition, AFM has been able to provide a helping hand through our more specialised event support services.  We have taken on the responsibility of making sure that event materials and publications are delivered to, and collected, from the client’s sales exhibitions across Europe, Middle and Far East.  By taking on the heavy lifting, AFM frees the client’s sales teams from all headaches involved with International conferences and allows them to focus on the job in hand – selling!

Moving their fulfilment to the AFM, has led to a boost in sales as the client now can provide a next day service to their customers across the whole of Europe.  The net result has been that they have been able to achieve a year on year net growth.