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As an order fulfilment house covering the UK and Europe we spot key trends.

Here we outline some key trends driving Ecommerce in 2014

Ecommerce continues to grow at an outstanding rate. EMarketer estimates that UK retail ecommerce sales will rise 16.0% this year. Total retail sales in the UK, by contrast, will grow by just 3.6% in 2014.

Keeping up with the constant growth and innovation of e-commerce is essential to stay competitive in the online retail market. We’ve picked out the top trends driving e-commerce that both small businesses and established brands should be aware of to stay ahead of their game.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Although not a new trend, good SEO on a site is even more important than ever. Studies have proven that most of the traffic from search engine results goes directly to the top three results, and it’s no secret that being higher than your competitors on Google will get the shopper in your door first. If you’re looking to become competitive in the market, optimising text, videos, images and using content to maximize relevant keywords is a trend that is set to stay.

2. Mobile

According to eMarkerter, shopping on mobile devices (mobiles & tablets) accounts for over one-quarter of all online sales in the UK; by 2018, that figure will be nearly two in five.

Companies that do not have a mobile-friendly site miss out on a huge market. This means a responsive design and a recognition that mobile customers have different needs than desktop users. Small links, long lists and excessive text should be eliminated.

3. Analytics

As users continue to volunteer more personal information online, 2014 is the year where online sellers are making use of the “big data” they have collected. It can help online businesses accurately forecast buying trends, personalise the online shopping experience and understand their overall market to better engage and convert customers.

4. Social Media

Social media, if utilised well, can empower your brand presence immensely. It is no longer the role delegated to an intern, and it is a trend that you need to keep an eye on. A savvy social media marketer can grow a user base and bolster online sales by maximising their voice online and getting customers talking not only about their brand, but also to each other about their products.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ all have their own audience type and marketing opportunities for your brand, and are expected to play a big role in boosting SEO search engine rankings in the near future. Google+ is unsurprisingly, Google’s best friend.

5. Free Shipping & Faster Delivery

Google and Amazon are already offering same day shipping in some areas if you order early enough in the day. We can expect to see other online stores follow suit and in 2015, the window of delivery will become much more specific and narrow.

Free shipping can build a strong relationship between you and your customers, leading to customer loyalty and business growth. One survey reported that free shipping orders produce an average of 15-20% higher order values from customers. A look into free shipping and same-day delivery options, as well as highly successful click/reserve and collect tactics is a must for any business.

Ecommerce is a lucrative market with lots of prospects, but you have to sell smart to stay on top of your game. Improve SEO, get sociable, analyse every fragment of your business and offer customers not only quality products, but also an unmatched shopping experience, and you’re onto a winning combination.

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